The procedure

The usual procedure is that you contact me and tell me what you want me to find out.


Initial Information Required: To start a research I need precise data from you, at least the name, date of birth or marriage or death and preferable the name of the birth place or other concrete biographical data (denomination). All data have to be checked even if they seemed to be clear. If the data are not clear in my opinion you have to send me copies of the main documents.


Subsequently I try to find out, which way I can go to find your ancestor's roots in Germany. For this I have to contact German archives and institutions. This initial checking procedure is usually free of charge. After checking your data I will give you recommendations for (possible) research based on my professional knowledge and the data proof. I also will provide you with a research plan including an estimation of the costs. I will start research work only after receiving your special request and an installment of 30% of the total estimated costs.


What will you receive from me after?


Research work report


Because of business hours, holiday-time or limited working places in the archives it is difficult to estimate the exact time from the beginning of the research work to the final report. Taking all in all and based on my experience I need between two to six months to present you all the results.
After finishing my research work I will send you printouts of the final report and the final invoice. For each ancestral line I have investigated you will receive a separate report. The report and the invoice are composed in English language. Because of the enclosed document copies and receipts I normally send you the report and the invoice via air mail, but by request you can get the report and the invoice also as e-mail attachments (MS Word 2000 format).


The final report contains different parts

    1. I summarize the main results (family records, farm, village or town history, depending on what you have asked for) of my research work for you.
    2. I describe my research step by step and what kind of sources I have used. This is also a check for you.
      I also inform you whether there is need or scope for further investigation or not.
      As annex I am presenting you pedigree charts (family tree) of different members of your ancestors and descendant lists (the latter only on your behalf).
    3. Enclosed you will find copies of original documents e.g. birth & marriage certificates, parish register entries (birth/baptism, marriage, death/burial), wills (only on your previous request as I have discussed it before starting the research work).
    4. I am presenting maps from the local and regional area where your family originated from (only on your behalf).
    5. Pictures of old farmhouses or inscriptions from farm houses and farm buildings e.g. barns where some of your ancestors lived (only on your request).