Fees and mode of payment

How much, when and in what way you will have to pay?


I am working on wages per hour because I want to minimize the costs for you as much as possible. For me it is also a question of transparency that I am not offering an all-inclusive price. Fees for archives, document copies are fixed by the institutions I have to visit. I will charge you only the original costs without adding any additions. Overnight fees are of course flexible.


I develop an individual and detailed research plan for you which gives an overview about the approximate costs you have to expect. This includes a timetable for the research work and report writing. From the beginning of the research work (after receiving your installment) to sending you the final report with all the results, document copies (to be requested before), receipts and the invoice I normally need between two to six months.


Overview of fees (these prices include already German VAT):


Hourly wages for research and report writing:

US $ 43.00

(in accordance with § 19 Abs. 1 German UStG no VAT will be added.)


Traveling expenses:

billed at actual costs


Overnight stay, photocopies and archive fees, postage etc.:

billed at actual costs


The final invoice will show you all the different costs in detail:

  • working hours (in the field and report writing)
  • traveling time and costs
  • document copies/photographs
  • postage/phone
  • archives fees
  • overnight stay fee
  • others (like banking charges)


After you agreed to the research plan with the estimated costs you have to pay an installment of 40% of the total estimated costs. This advance payment is necessary because of the expenses e.g. traveling and overnight fees, archive fees. After having received this money I will start work. After I have finished my research work in the archives, I will immediately give you an overview about the main results. The balance (60% of the total costs) you will have to settle only after you have received the final report (including all document copies and photographs you requested for) and the final invoice (including all receipts).


In what way you should pay?


Please send me a bank or cashier's check from your credit institute in US $ (or another currency) made payable to my name. Alternative you can make a wire transfer directly to my account.