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Hello Dr. Jarren,
I wish to thank you for all of your hard work in finding some information on the Klingner family in Dresden and area. I believe that you covered all available research venues very thoroughly. I really appreciate that your knowledge of the records available and how to access them made this project as successful as possible. Your professionalism in a business where so much emotion is present was a great benefit. Of course people searching for their families in foreign countries would like to hear that you have found essential information. I am particularly pleased that you made it clear in the beginning that there was no guarantee that the records available would be the ones needed in my particular case. By using the family letter written in 1879, you were able to work through the collateral line and find some interesting information. You have worked in a professional manner from the beginning of my enquiries to the finalization of the project. As advertised, you sent me a Research Plan, Timetable, Total Estimate and Final Report. I realize that there is more work to be done and if I decide to proceed with this I would most certainly use your research service.
Nora Klingner Wilson, Canada, December 3, 2010


Dear Dr. Jarren,
Please add my name to your impressive list of satisfied clients. After the research that you have done on my behalf, I consider you to be a very competent and trustworthy researcher. I began the journey into my family history about one year ago. I had family records that traced my ancestors on the Schultze side of my tree to my great, great grandfather. I knew he came from Germany and settled in Chicago in the 1850's, where he founded a furniture factory. In my effort to research him further I hit a significant wall: the Great Chicago Fire. Any records of his immigration or ancestry that were once in Chicago had been destroyed. A former colleague of mine belongs to a genealogy club. When I discussed my research problem with her, she told me of a member of her club who is one of your former clients. She said this former client was very pleased with your research and she sent me the link to your web site. I must say, after my thirty year career in state and federal law enforcement, it took a leap of faith for me to do business on the internet, much less in another country. I am very glad I took the leap. With the information I had, you have been able to provide information about my great, great grandfather, as well as four more generations of Schultzes. I am very pleased with the results so far and look forward to a continued successful relationship. Your research skill as well as your thoughtful suggestions as to how to proceed have been very helpful. In closing, I would like to say that you started out as a German researcher who is the friend of a friend. You have become a friend, who is a German researcher.
Best wishes, Lou Schultze, USA, August 14, 2010


Dr. Jarren demonstrated his professionalism when he was able to find records of my family that we were unable to find. We had made a trip to Germany in 2008 and visited the birthplace of my Grandmother but were unable to find records associated with her. We retained Dr. Jarren in 2010 and in two days he found and completed the tasks we assigned to him. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking family information in Germany. He is truly dependable, trustworthy and very thorough.
Betty Flannery, Crown Point, Indiana, U.S.A., July 2, 2010


I was lucky enough to stumble on Dr. Jarren's web page through a Google search. I knew that I had done all I could do on my Kreilkamp family history through resources in the United States. The only possibility to find out more would be through German resources. I don't speak German, and if I did I wouldn't know where to look. Fortunately Dr. Jarren does. He provided me with an excellent history of the farm my family came from in Velen as well as an understanding of what conditions were like for my ancestors before and at the time they emigrated from Germany. Dr. Jarren is very up-front about expenses, and I feel that for the time he puts in and the excellence of the result, his work is well worth the cost. Thank you so much, Dr. Jarren!
J. Witt, Montana, U.S.A., March 5, 2010


Today we have sunshine outside and we are delighted that you have been successful in finding the birth parents of F.W. Beinbrecht (my husband's ancestor) and furnishing one more link to ancestors. I will be more than happy to furnish a reference for you. You proceeded with the research immediately and had results within a few days. And, you advocate caution relative to expense and what one is actually desiring to find.
I. Pulleine, La Porte, Texas, U.S.A., January 22, 2010


I would recommend Dr Jarren as a genealogical researcher. I found his reports to be helpful, informative and comprehensive.
Ellie van Empel, New Zealand, October 29, 2009


Hi, Volker,I am very impressed that you were able to find out so much in such a short time. You have found things that are new to me. I'm very pleased to have this information and I have received very good value for the money.
Larry Holderly, Monticello, IN, USA, July 29, 2009


Dear Dr. Jarren: I am very pleased with the work you have done for me regarding the Kiep and Stoss families. Your advertisement in Everton's attracted my attention. I knew I could not read the German documents on my own, so I inquired as to your services. I was immediately impressed with your quick email response detailing your recommendations as to how to proceed. The work you have done has exceeded my expectations and the cost was less than I expected. I especially appreciated your almost immediate response to my emails and that you gave me a cost of each separate project before we proceeded. I look forward to working with you further on projects I have regarding the Stoss research now that you have completed the Kiep research.
Richard P. Kiep, Elmhurst, IL, USA, May 27, 2009.


Thank you VERY much for the attachments regarding my MAUL marriage. Terrific, I am delighted with what you have found & with the prompt service.
Margaret Elms, Hastings, NZ, May 21, 2009


Thank you for the wonderful report and photos! The information is all new to me. I am very pleased with you thoroughness and competence as a researcher and the very high quality of your report!
T. Bonsett, Indiana, USA, February 4, 2009.


Dear Dr Jarren, Thank you very much for your assistance in tracing three lines of my German ancestors as far back as to the beginning of the 1600 hundreds in various parts of Germany. I especially appreciate your professional approach to the research and the way in which you furnished me with the results. Thank you also for your honest assessment of possibilities and a clear indication of these in the few instances in which no information could be obtained.
Kind regards
Dr SB Rascher, South Africa, February 2, 2009.


I asked Dr Jarren to search my family tree in Germany and am extremely pleased with the results. His report not only gave family details as far back as 1623, with births, marriages, deaths and occupations, but gave other personal details that make so much difference. He reported on time as promised and gave me clear, precise and comprehensive information which was very much worth the expense. I will not hesitate to ask Dr Jarren to research the other side of the family in the near future. I can highly recommend his services.
Helen Taylor, Australia, December 5, 2008.


Dear Dr. Jarren, I greatly appreciate the research you did on my Schoening family history in Brake/Lemgo, Lippe, Germany. You were able to go two generations back, find information on people's births, marriages, and deaths, on the family property holdings for 1781, the address of the Schoening house for over 100 years, and identify the parent of a Schoening bride, so that I could trace her family back an additional three generations, in Rheda, Westfalen, Preussen. In addition to the research, you also gave forthright feedback prior to beginning your work on what research would be most fruitful, what wouldn't, and what results were likely. You work in a most timely manner and your fees are reasonable. You have provided me and my family with valuable information and opened doors for further research. I highly recommend you to anyone doing research on German ancestors.
Sincerely, Jeffrey Schoening, Seattle, WA, U.S.A., May 25, 2008


I would classify Dr. Volker Jarren as a master genealogists and a true professional in every sense of the word. He will work very closely with you and establish a plan of attack to suit your specific needs. My results were fantastic and could never have been completed without the help of such a thorough researchers. All of his results are neatly and methodically presented to you when he has completed his assignments. I was more than satisfied with the extended pedigree that he presented to me for my great grandparents. It doesn't get any better than this. Thank you Dr. Jarren.
Steven W. Thompson, Eau Claire, WI, USA, April 30, 2008


Dr. Volker Jarren has travelled to several locations in Germany to help me research my family. Since both my mother's and father's families were not land owners and therefore moved frequently this was a difficult task. Because some sections of Germany would not allow the Mormons to photograph records my research was at a stand still. Working with Dr. Jarren has been a joy. He works in a timely manner and pays attention to details. When possible he includes more information than just birth, marriage and death dates. He answers questions immediately. I recommended him highly. If you would like to contact me please email me at madelinlina@yahoo.com.
Madelin Page, Glendale, Arizona., USA, April 19, 2008


Dr Jarren is a very knowledgeable, helpful, informative, and capable ally in my efforts to research old records. He is honest and straightforward about what research can and cannot be done and why. His candid demeanour is well appreciated when it comes to what efforts and their expense entail. I feel his work is well worth what I put forth for it. Dr Jarren was able to confirm various data as well as discover some other things to help me to further fill out my family tree. My interests include also historical information such as occupations, names, etc., and Dr Jarren was very informative along the way in those subjects also. I look forward to continuing my research with the help of Dr Jarren!
K. Åkre, USA, April 15, 2008


Dr. Jarren, Thank you so much. I've enjoyed reading this latest information about Maria Elisabeth Hoer and family. I am very surprised to learn about Heinrich Hoer who died in the U.S. That is news to me. Your work has given me a lot of new avenues to explore here in the U.S. I appreciate all you have done so far. Though I like to do research myself, the German documents would have been pretty impossible for me. All the research you've done has provided me with a wonderful sense of the German branches of my family. I would heartily recommend you to anyone looking for their ancestors in Germany. Thank you again!
Sheila Tucker, Austin, Texas, U.S.A., February 24, 2008


Dear Dr. Jarren, Thanks you so much for your excellent research and report. I have just begun to digest it and will send to my relatives as soon as I can so that they can appreciate the fine work also. Again, Thanks and we will contact you again, and recommend you to whoever seeks a genealogy researcher in Germany. Sincerely,
William Ludwig, Cary NC, U.S.A, December 14, 2007


Dear Dr. Jarren, Please accept my sincere appreciation for your excellent research work in finding the family history of my great grandfather, Carl Nagel, from Trotha. This has opened up further research into the Nagel family. While not the only interesting bit of his history, I (an only child) was amazed to learn that he was the father of 18 children. I look forward to working with you in the future and I'm pleased to give you permission to use this endorsement on your web site and in any of your publications.
Sincerely yours, William H. Nagel, Southampton, PA, U.S,A, December 12, 2007


I am very pleased with Dr. Jarren's work. In just a few days , he traced back my family an additional 10 generations!! He presented a very precise research plan, which he followed explicitly. He thoroughly answered all my questions. I would absolutely recommend to Dr. Jarren's German family history research services to others.
Amber Daveline -Jacksonville, Florida, USA, November 20, 2007


"It is my pleasure to endorse Dr. Volker Jarren for his tremendous work on my family tree. Although my mother is a German native, we didn't even know who her grandparents were when we started. Dr. Jarren documented our genealogy back to 1610, something that would have been impossible for me considering the distance, time constraints, language barrier, and the old style script. He has also been generous with his time in explaining things to me and providing sound recommendations on courses of action. I am eternally grateful for his work and dedication. By the way, his fees are most reasonable by U. S. standards."
Siegfried W. Kirchner, U.S.A., October 16, 2007.


"Ours was a long and complicated family history, with many unanswered questions. In a very short time Dr. Jarren was able to compile the information and give me a very thoughtful and complete report with his analysis based on his local German historical knowledge, and his experience with different sources of German genealogical data. I presented the findings thus far to my family, we are all very impressed with the results. I'm glad to have found you."
Michael D. Schwartz, MD, Atlanta, U.S.A., October 5, 2007.


I have been working for many years trying to find information about my ancestors in the Gross/Hofschneider families who lived in the area around Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden. When my wife and I visited Freiburg in June, we met personally with Mr. Jarren who had reviewed previously sent records. In preparation he had thoroughly reviewed the records and had developed a research plan. Although the research did not locate the appropriate records, we learned where they were probably not living in the late 1800s. His research plan was thorough. I had located family names in the city directory for Freiburg and he researched the churches they most likely attended and went and reviewed the archdiocesan records. He went to the Civil Registry Office to locate records in the Freiburg area. His knowledge of German and French History during the difficult period of the Franco-Prussian War was immensely helpful in determining where they might have lived, perhaps moving back and forth from Germany to Alsace.
He was most prompt in his email replies. His fees are very reasonable. My wife and I could have spent hours with him to learn about resources for family history throughout Germany. He also worked with us in a way that I could research what I wanted and request him to do other parts of the research plan that needed on-site activity.
Although we did not turn up the exact information I was looking for, it was not in any way his fault. Many records in Freiburg were destroyed during WWII and not to be found. I plan an ongoing relationship with Volker in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in family research in Europe."
Bernard Gross, Herndon, Virginia, USA, June, 2007.


"Mr. Jarren was able to get me back to another generation on my Billian family tree. He is very professional and expedient in his efforts. I plan to use him again in the near future."
Janice Falvey, U.S.A, May 10, 2007.


"Dr. Volker Jarren: Please feel free to use my name as a reference for genealogy research! I am very grateful to you for finding information on my German roots! I recommend anyone whom is researching their ancestry to you Sir. You have a very reasonable agreement and extra material for research findings."
Jeff Hahn, Maryville, Illinois, U.S.A., March 13, 2007


"Dr. Volker Jarren recently completed a study of my German ancestry in four locations. In one week's time he recorded a number of ancestors and their family members in numbers much greater than I would have dared to wish.
Dr. Jarren brought many positive attributes to the research he completed for me. He applied no undue pressure to do anything that I didn't feel important. He did not apply pressure to start a study until I was satisfied with the scope, duration and cost of the proposed project. We exchanged many e-mails so that he could precisely know what I hoped to accomplish. Where my experience did not allow me to define objectives, Dr. Volker provided excellent suggestions. He researched thoroughly the possible sites to be visited, which totally avoided any time spent at a site that had no pertinent information. The study was completed according to the agreed to research plan but when results ceased to be found at a site, he adjusted the plan to provide additional research results. Dr. Jarren has an excellent command of the English language, which ensured my full understanding of what he would do in the course of the research study. It also resulted in very understandable documentation of research results.
Dr. Jarren is an excellent family history researcher who knows what he should look for and where he is most likely to find such information. His fees were reasonable. Even though I had reservations about committing resources for such an effort, Dr. Jarren's research results make the research results an excellent value. I want to do several additional research projects on my German ancestry and Dr. Jarren is the only individual I would consider for conducting that research."
Richard E. Weber, Platteville, WI, U.S.A., December 16, 2006


"Dr. Volker Jarren has been researching my various aspects of my family history, and has traced my family tree back several generations. He was persistent in his research and complete in his explanations. The thing I found most appealing is the heavy amount of communication-at every turn, he told me exactly what he could do and the odds of success. He gave me tremendous amounts of help to understand the nuances of German history and culture. He has a great wealth of knowledge and expertise-and he always shared it in helpful ways. I would not hesitate to recommend his services."
Jim Ollhoff, Ph.D., Farmington, MN, U.S.A., November 24, 2006


"After trying for over a year to find someone to go to the church in Volkmarsen, I finally found you. I was very pleased when I received your e-mail. Your answer to my questions was prompt. You made sure it was clear what I needed in the way of time period and what records I needed. Thank you again."
Shirley Buirch, CA, U.S.A., August 22, 2006


"I am very impressed and pleased with your work and your counsel."
T. Egede-Nissen, South Carolina, U.S.A., July 21, 2006


"I'm very pleased with the information. As you know what I was mostly interested in was the historical background of my family's origin in Prussia and seeing how things worked out for them in the new world. From your research, combined with what I have learned about their situation in Canada I am now able to form a much clearer picture of the family in general. And as well, I now even have details of previous generations in Prussia. And thanks so much for the wonderful photographs. "
M. Cooper, Ontario, Canada, June 12, 2006


"Many thanks for your help in confirming our ancestors. We were impressing by your rapid response, including extra comments of history and customs of the times. Your report and comments were extraordinary."
M. Lemon, Richmond, Va., U.S.A., June 9, 2006


"In preparation for our trip to Germany, I contacted Dr. Jarren. He brought our family tree to life by locating the family farm in Diersburg, Baden. By travelling to the town he extended our German line to the present and provided an introduction to our distant cousins. We are extremely pleased with Dr. Jarren's research."
J. Chapman, Cinnaminson, New Jersey, U.S.A., April 30, 2006


"Dr. Volker Jarren is a professional German genealogist who provided me with a reliable and cost-effective service in the search of my German ancestry."
Alois F. Oliver, Oak Lawn, Illinois, U.S.A., March 20, 2006


"I have been very satisfied with your work. I know in genealogy there are no guarantees. I was very impressed when I first contacted you, you would not proceed without more proof of records. That proved to me that you were trustworthy. It is hard being half a world away to get answers to questions. Any questions I wanted clarified were dealt with quickly. I would highly recommend this service."
Karen Curell, MI, U.S.A, March 17, 2006


"I am extremely happy that you have found so much info and you have given me a lot of detail as to the history of the area. Excellent!"
J. Neufeld, Alberta, Canada, March 16, 2006


"Words can not totally express my gratitude for the research work you have done on our German ancestry. I gave you very little to start with: a family that arrived in New York on November 15, 1856 on the ship Humboldt from Hamburg. The professional, detailed research you then conducted was more than I ever thought was possible, but it was your vast knowledge and your recommended next steps that made the results so unbelievably successful and you were always so cautiously optimistic. Anyone needing assistance with research in Germany would be missing something if they didn't use your services. I can't imagine that anyone could do it better and then communicate it with such enthusiastic interest and detail. My gratitude is really beyond words!"
Laurie Schmidt, Cameron, U.S.A, March 1, 2006


"Dr. Volker Jarren recently completed an extensive genealogical research project for me involving identification of record locations, creation of a research plan, actual field research and record examination and preparation of a comprehensive Family History Report. Dr Jarren also translated the records found from German to English and provided complete source references and copies. Having worked with a number of genealogists, I want to commend Dr. Jarren as having provided an excellent, thorough and professional product. In addition he is highly flexible and very cooperative. I would recommend him to anyone requiring the highest level of research support and would not hesitate to employ his services in the future."
Ernest C. Wilson, Sykesville, Maryland U.S.A, February 22, 2006


"I was sceptical about using a researcher to look into the Kornrumpf family line. When we hit the end of the line, so to speak, the only alternatives were going to Germany ourselves or hiring someone familiar with research in German genealogy.
I will never regret the decision to use your services. You have debunked family lore and myths by finding the truth in church and civil records and in doing so you have helped us find family here in the United States that we didn't even know existed.
Thank you for your concise and very professional approach to our request for help. We will continue to use your services in the future to expand on what you have already found and will gladly refer you to our friends. Respectfully."
Donna Kornrumpf Dover, Delaware USA, January 5, 2006


"Let me first extend my sincere appreciation for your timely and accurate research on my German ancestors. My expectation was met on all fonts., from the depth of the report to the additional discovery of family members outside the research area. Thank you again."
Thomas M. Thies, Ham Lake, MN, U.S.A., November 21, 2005


"After over 30 years of research, I contacted Dr. Jarren for help in locating information on my Germany ancestors. His work has been very professional and as a result of his work, I now have two more generations of my family and some more places that I can research. Dr. Jarren also provided me with some excellent pictures of my family's home village, church and even the house where my great great great grandfather lived with his family. I hope to find even more on my ancestors now. I would certainly highly recommend Dr. Jarren to anyone needing research help in Germany."
Vivian Tubbs, Michigan, U.S.A., October 5, 2005


"Thank you again for doing such a detailed, thoroughly job of researching my great-grandmothers family. Since none of the vital records are available in the United States, I was at a loss as to how to research that branch of my family. Your patience and command of the English language was also much appreciated. I would be pleased and honored to recommend your services to anyone who was looking for genealogical research in Germany. Your rates are reasonable, communication was a pleasure, and the resulting report are concise, factual, and exactly as intended."
C. Semlear, New York, USA, September 17, 2005


"For years I was sure I could get to Germany myself to work on my German lines but of course I did not get there. Dr. Volker Jarren is the next best thing and much cheaper than plane fare and hotels. He is very prompt with responses to questions, has a fine working knowledge of German history, culture, archival resources and is fluent in old German script, which is absolutely required in German research today. On the basis of only one document and many inaccurate family stories he was able to provide information back 14 generations in one line and we haven't even started on the other principal family. I recommend him highly for any family research you might have in mind."
Sandra C. King, Acton, MA, USA, September 15, 2005.


"Thank you for your thorough and helpful genealogical work. Your work is very informative and organized. I will surely write again if I need any further help."
Scott A. Strohman, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, September 11, 2005


"Today I received you envelope with all the interesting information about the family of Florian Schmitt. I was delighted to be able to have all the vital research that you were able to accomplish on my behalf. Your work will allow me to make a major addition to my family genealogy. The generations to come will appreciate your research."
R. H. Kearns, Bluffton, South Carolina, USA, August 2, 2005


"Let me express my genuine appreciation for the wonderful support you gave me on our search for the Morgenstern village. With you guidance I have been able to take the family back another generation. I could not have done without your help. It seemed to me that you shared my drive and enthusiasm. You always go to the extra step in the search and that is what made it successful. My wife and I could not believe the speed, enthusiasm, and focus of your help. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future clients! You were great!"
T. and N. Rafiner, Parkville, Missouri, USA, July 29, 2005


"Dr. Volker Jarren has very detailed charts and written explanations, photos of area of interest, copies of original documents and answers questions. I am pleased with his work since no one in the U.S. or Wisconsin knew my German background onward 1846. Dr. Jarren is worth contacting."
L. Smith, Lakeview, Oregon, USA July 10, 2005


"I am pleased with what you have found out for me. I have been looking for my mother's parents for over 20 years (and maybe longer than that) and you have given me something that I have never had before - the town where they lived."
E. Armstrong, Stockton, CA, USA February 12, 2005"


"Thank you for all your hard work. Your news was wonderful and I do thank you for persevering."
C. Nicholas, Exmouth, Devon, U.K., December 14, 2004


"Our family had no evidence - this side of the Atlantic - that connected my great-great grandmother with her parents and siblings. Mr. Jarren established the parish she came from in Saxony and worked with the bishop's assigned researcher to establish the proven connection we needed from the baptismal register. He also provided me with a list of her paternal ancestors and her siblings. The results were splendid."
Michael J. Petrie, Hartford, Wisconsin, USA, October 7, 2004


"I thought I came to a dead end while tracing back my family line. But thanks to the information that Dr. Jarren provided me, I was able to trace back another 7 generations. My entire family thanks you and I look forward to using more of your services."
B. Haupt, Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA, June 6, 2004


"Dr. Jarren's work quickly got me through a "brick wall" that I had worked on for 2 years."
Robert Soli, Reading, Massachusetts, USA, May 2004


"I am very pleased with the information that you have already developed on my g-grandfather in such a short time."
P. Carney, Arlington, VA, USA, March 18, 2004


"I went through your reports very carefully and I'm quite impressed with the amount of research you were able to accomplish."
E. Schoenheiter Uecker, Milwaukee, WI, USA, March 9, 2004


"We appreciate the promptness of your response to our queries, and the continued updates on the research being performed. We are very happy with your services!"
Mrs. and Mr. Meyer, Durango, CO, USA, March 4, 2004.


"We were pleased with Dr. Volker Jarren's services and fees while searching for a World War II friend."
C. Mandarano, Mocksville, NC, USA February 5, 2004


"Your work is excellent."
H. Sas, N. Somerset, U.K., January 26, 2004


"Thank you so much for the information. I got it all down loaded and printed. It will take me days to go through it all. Please feel free to use my name as a reference at any time. You have done a wonderful job."
William H. Kitz, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, January 5, 2004